Hi, Human!

I am Mia Von Steinkirch, a.k.a bt3, a Surf Engineer and Scientist at Surfline. In my free time, I am a film producer and extreme-sports addicted.

Previously, I was a Senior Infrastructure Software Engineer at Etsy, a Senior Software Engineer at Apple, and a Software Engineer at Yelp.

I have been hacking, coding, and Linuxing since high school. Then one year I went to DEF CON and fell in love with Tech. I also presented a talk on quantum cryptography there once.

I went to Stony Brook University to have my PhD in Astrophysics. I am also an Recurse Center'14 alumni (former Hacker School), an HPC Xsede Summer School '13 alumni, an University of Sao Paulo's alumni, and a CERN Winter School '09 alumni.

My book on Python and Algorithms has been used by many around the world. In 2017, I signed with Hanbit Media, Inc. to have it translated to Korean.

I have done research at places such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center; and I have presented at scientific conferences such as the American Astronomical Society and the CERN Winter School.
My book on Group Theory is now used as a text book by graduate students around the world, including at CALTECH (at least, that's what Prof. Maria Spiropulu told me). I also have an e-book on Quantum Field Theory, you know, what they research at Large Colliders :).

I have several articles published in renowned Nuclear, Astrophysics, and Cosmology journals. I also have tons of whitepapers and tutorials and open source projects on machine learning, algorithms, computer vision, astrophysics, computer security, particles physics, etc. Science is fun!


  • If you are a physicist, this is the singularity I am talking about. If you are a computer scientist, then it is this. They are equally fascinating. ☺
  • My PGP: 145A 15D9 3393 4416 F7EA 0B9E E26F 1C8E 27D9 8506.
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  • Impossible is just another state of mind.
  • Kindness is wisdom.