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I am Mia von Steinkirch, a Machine Learning // Infrastructure // Software Engineer at a rad SoCal startup and an Astrophysics Ph.D.. I am also the co-founder and CEO of Chewz.

Cool things I have done in the past:

  • A Senior Software Engineer at Surfline, where I developed an end-to-end cam rewind software in Python + MongoDB + Terraform, backed on AWS's Lambda Function + SQS + SNS, to retrieve clips from 500+ surf cameras so that surfers can see clips of their surfed waves. I also helped to maintain a worldwide cameras infrastructure backed on AWS + Docker + Wowza Streaming Engine. I improved their microservices in Docker/Kubernetes/Skaffold, developing networking software in Golang.

  • A Senior Infrastructure Software Engineer at Etsy, where I developed an incident response infrastructure using OSQuery to retrieve Etsy's fleet data (with customized queries) and Elastalert for alerting, inspecting and detecting security anomalies in both Etsy's corp and engineering fleet (backed in GCP).

  • A Senior Software Engineer at Apple, where I developed software to help with Apple's internal security and incident response, in Swift. I also researched how to harden iOS Security (iPhone's operating system), in Swift, and I helped writing Apple's Deep Learning toolkit for richer data augmentation for image recognition, in CUDA and C++.

  • A Software Engineer at Yelp, where I created an in-house machine learning software for DNS/Web endpoint data analysis (in Python and MongoDB).

  • a Researcher & Software Manager at the Quantum Gravity Research Institute, where I designed a High-Performance Computational environment for scientific simulations (backed in AWS), I developed Python libraries/Jupyter notebooks for an emergent quantum gravity theory, and I taught Agile and DevOps practices for a team of 10+ scientists.

  • A Ph.D. Graduate Researcher at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where I developed Monte Carlo simulations and data analysis to find the Physics of Neutron Stars.
  • A Ph.D. Graduate Researcher at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, where I researched the Physics of Quark-Gluon Plasmas.
  • a Undergraduate Researcher at the NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, where I studied the Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei.

  • A Digital Nomad for several years. I have lived in several awesome places including: New York City, Venice, San Francisco, Cupertino, Maui, Waikiki, Haleiwa, West Hollywood, Malibu, Topanga, Port Jefferson, Huntington Beach, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Bear Mountain, Washington DC, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Santiago, Orlando, and Worcester.

I went to Stony Brook University to have a Ph.D. in Physics and Astrophysics. I went to the University of Sao Paulo to have my BSc in Physics. I have presented at scientific conferences such as the American Astronomical Society and the CERN Winter School. I am also an Recurse Center'14 alumni (former Hacker School), an HPC Xsede Summer School '13 alumni, and a CERN Winter School '09 alumni. I have been hacking, coding, and Linuxing since high school. Then I went to DEF CON and fell in love with hacking this Matrix. I presented a talk on quantum ♄ cryptography at the Cryptovillage once.

My ol' book on Python and Algorithms has been used by many around the world. In 2015, I signed with Hanbit Media, Inc., to have it translated to Korean. My ol' book on Group Theory is now used as a text book by graduate students around the planet, including at CALTECH (at least, that's what Prof. Maria Spiropulu told me). I also have an e-book on Quantum Field Theory, you know, what they research at Large Colliders :). I have several articles published in renowned Nuclear, Astrophysics, and Cosmology journals and conferences. I also have tons of whitepapers and tutorials and open source projects on machine learning, algorithms, computer vision, astrophysics, computer security, particles physics, etc. Science is fun!


  • If you are a physicist, this is the singularity I am talking about. If you are a computer scientist, then it is this. They are equally fascinating. ☺
  • My PGP: 145A 15D9 3393 4416 F7EA 0B9E E26F 1C8E 27D9 8506.
  • License: This blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license.
  • The pictures in this blog were selected from reddit cyberpunk and my favorite graphic novels, games, and movies (I do not own their copyright).
  • Whenever I have some free time, I am super into extreme sports.
  • Impossible is just another state of mind.
  • Kindness is wisdom.
  • Treat everything as a beautiful illusion ✨.